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Breasts Out West

August 30, 2010

Art meets art

Jiggly giggles abound on this crisp winter’s day and with only the sun to kiss our skin, we smear body paint over our torsos. This is not the scene for some titillating fantasy, although the guy “working” on his roof next door may dream otherwise. We’ve gathered here today to celebrate the female form and to raise awareness for breast cancer by creating art with our breasts.

Breastique Art is the brain child of Shiona Herbert, “I came up with idea during my housewarming party when a group of arty types got crazy with a canvas and some paints in this very courtyard.” This heady event lead to evolution of Breastique Art where workshops are run for the enthusiastic novice to the connoisseurs of boob art. Workshops are also becoming popular for alternative hen’s nights, pregnant bumps and baby showers.

The workshops are liberating, fun, and a little risqué. It’s an intimate moment as each woman disrobes in her own time and the instant she pulls her breasts away from the canvas is magical. The “big reveal” is as much as surprise to the artist as it is to her comrades.

The paintings themselves are predominantly abstract which suits the very nature of the process. The experienced create more defined shapes like vases of flowers, the human body, and fruit, especially the round fleshy variety. Shiona demonstrates one painting technique called the mash by rubbing the canvas with her colourful breasts as you would mash up potatoes. Breast art has its own terminology like a nipple switch (the nipple is rolled onto the canvas), a press-up (a full-on push into the canvas), a pucker (pucker up your nipple to kiss the canvas), and a shimmy where you shake it like you’re Dita Von Tease. The brisk wind blows up some nipply results.

Local Perth businesses are welcomed to become part of Breastique Art’s Maximum Exposure Exhibit by displaying a piece of this unique art on their premises. The proceeds of any sales are donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Western Australia.

For more information and workshop bookings go to


Top 50 Restaurant Guide Western Australia

August 23, 2010

The Top 50 Restaurant Guide Western Australia 2011 is due for release in November 2010. This guide is STILL the first and best independent restaurant guide for WA. To thank our valued supporters, the 2010 edition is available for free download at the Gourmet Godfather

A Family Voyage up the Eiffel Tower

August 20, 2010

Paris' lacy icon looms

The iconic Eiffel Tower taunts you in the distance, sparkling with 1,000 fairy lights on summer nights, causing even the most jaded of locals to gush.

Read here for tips on how to survive the crowds with the family.

A Family Picnic in Jardin du Luxembourg

August 19, 2010

Peter Pan statue in the Luxembourg Gardens

Live like the locals with a market visit and then a linger in Paris’ favourite park, Jardin du Luxembourg. Have a gander here A Family Picnic in Jardin du Luxembourg

Finding divinity in the bush

August 11, 2010


New Norcia, north of Perth, is Australia’s only monastic town and till today, is run by Benedictine monks.

Travel writer Pico Iyer, once commented on the town, “In 30 years of almost constantly travelling around the world, I have seldom met a place so clarifying and calm as New Norcia. It makes you think again about what matters: it returns you to a sense of stillness and community that’s hard to find in the modern world; it refreshes the soul better than any holiday. The only hardship of coming here is leaving.”

Looking out from the hotel’s columned terrace over the town is a tribute to serenity, community spirit and European culture. I’ve visited during the wildflower season in spring and the drive home offers vistas of green rolling hills and fields of wildflowers, and I couldn’t  agree more.


For the full article read Finding Divinity in the Bush

Published in Malaysian Airlines In-flight magazine Going Places November 2009

Mundaring Truffle Festival 2010 Pompeii Style

August 3, 2010

In every corner of the Mundaring Truffle Festival punters gorged themselves silly. Buns filled with truffle infused fare were shoved into faces, truffled pasta was hoovered and brie was smeared with…well I’m sure you can guess.

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The Truffle Shuffle

July 30, 2010


Lovers of truffles and people of Perth, or those lucky to be both, check out the Mundaring Truffle Festival this weekend just 40 minutes east of the CBD in the Perth hills. Whether you take the organic approach of wandering at leisure through the throngs of enthusiasts and novices, or take it a little more seriously by joining a workshop or cooking class, you’re sure to leave feeling the fungi’s decadent allure. Check out the official website at so you remain focused during your truffle infused high. If you’re still craving more, try a truffle degustation at local restaurants Darlington Estate or the Loose Box

If you still have no idea about what all the fuss is about, perhaps the following will inspire the taste buds.


An Ode to the Truffle

A black diamond in the rough.  Jagged edges craving to be sliced over innocence.  An egg, a potato, handmade pasta, a slab of steak, shimmering risotto, a supple scallop or a sliver of asparagus.  Your earthly pleasures are to be inhaled, caressed, consumed, and devoured.  You are without gender, curvaceous like a woman and yet renowned as the seed of the earth.  A fungus, so intense in scent and flavour defying even a flame, which merely reduces to a mushroom ambrosia.  Alluring in your mystery, a temptress to the next conquest.  Shyly hiding in the ground waiting to be sought after with the vigour of a lover who can’t resist.  Even after the act of indulgence is over, insatiable yearning follows.